This week… we are traveling…

We left home last Saturday for an 8-day venture out West. The five of us made it to Wichita Falls last Saturday where we shut down for the night. We stayed at the Howard Johnson right off the Interstate – the beds were okay but there was only a half of roll of toilet paper in our room and there was no shower curtain on the shower stall. Complaining: sigh! Good thing none of us had a virus!

My friend Ms. Betty from Logansport is with us. I know without a doubt she will never want to come again for a number of reasons, mainly because of the long drive to our destination! She said yesterday that she does not like Colorado at all.

As we traveled through New Mexico over into Colorado, freshly fallen snow was everywhere.

We arrived in Alamosa, Colorado around six p.m. on Sunday and found an I-Hop where we had our evening meal before heading over to South Fork where we planned to stay for the night. We rented a nice room at the Allington Inn and Suites – the rooms were nice and clean and the best part: the pool and hot tub was inside and open for business. Our two younger travelers were excited and stayed in the pool until shortly after ten.

By now the temperature has dropped dramatically outside and it is freezing.

More to come – stay tuned!

We arrived in Santa Fe, NM on Monday. It started snowing while we were coming in. We are staying at the Inn at Santa Fe. It is a nice motel and has a full breakfast for the guests. The rooms are clean and comfy! I love it here and I’m in no hurry to leave! This week we are going downtown to visit some of the museums and old churches , and then drive over to Albuquerque on the train for a full day of shopping and visiting museums.

The boys started getting a little fussy being cooped up all day yesterday because snow was falling off and on all day. It was cold outside but in spite of that, their papaw took them down to the pool last evening for a swim in the hot tub! Well, the motel staff heated up the pool and hot tub and the boys swim, and played in spite of the wintry weather all day! There was snow on the ground in places! The pool was warm and the hot tub was even ‘hotter’! Three state troopers who were transporting a prisoner to another town was in the hot tub last night and they apparently having some drinks! I told Theresa at home about it and she told me to tell them not to “drink and drive!”

Ms. Betty seems to like Santa Fe, NM a lot better. She and I have been visiting some of the gift shops and thrift stores around town!

More to come – stay tuned!





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