We’re Heading West This Sunday

By Marcella Simmons


This Sunday, we are headed out to Santa Fe, NM to see the country, do some travel writing and just enjoy the week away from home. I am taking my grandson Kendray, my friend Ms. Betty and my other half and best friend, Jackie.


Kendray is 5 and attends Logansport Elementary – he is in kindergarten. I had to get it approved at the school board office for him to go without the days absent being counted against him, so now that is done and approved, we are just about ready to go.


Shortly after church on Sunday, I am picking up Ms Betty and the four of us are rolling out of here for a few days.


It feels odd that I am only taking one child this time instead of the normal three but truthfully I have to write this time and take pictures for my websites and there won’t be a whole lot of time to play with the boys. Kendray will have to hang with his pa quite a bit while I work!


I already see the week unfolding and it is going to be a wonderful trip. I checked the 7-day weather outlook for Santa Fe and it is rather cool there – middle 60’s in the daytime and 40-50’s at night! According to what I read, about  the middle of the week it might get up in the 70’s a couple of days!


So we ‘re heading out on Sunday – check back for daily posts of our New Mexico experience.


When we return from our New Mexico adventure, we are heading to Mt. Ida, Arkansas. In a couple of weeks Spring Break is coming up (we’re leaving right after church on Sunday and coming home the following Friday). That week the whole family will be in tow and we are going to have an awesome spring break with the kids. We’re staying at Mountain Harbor Resort in one of the large condo/cottages! It is such a beautiful place – you can actually sit on the back porch and enjoy your time away from home and listen to the birds while they’re busily going on with their day. And in the evenings an occasional raccoon will stop by ad come up on the porch for morsels of food the kids leave behind. The kids love Mountain Harbor as much as I do.  


Check back this Sunday for updates!



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