I Need Two of These

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Welcome Aboard!

2023 Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Events: Lake Charles, LA… Mardi Gras Day in Louisiana is on Feb. 21, but the events begin more than a month before! … Read More

Welcome Aboard!
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announcing …


Nicolas Owens, Owner/Operator

2602 Four Mile Loop Rd.,
Logansport, LA 71049, USA


(318) 461-3393


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Welcome Aboard!

Come Join Us!

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Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome Aboard!

Come In!

We’re making changes to The Family Travel Host this year, making it easier to navigate as well as adding new advertisers and new writers. It is free to the public, supported by the businesses who advertise with us.

When you click on our advertsiers, please let them know where you saw their ad.

If you’d like to swap links with us, feel free to drop me a line at marcies1960@aol.com.

We’e looking for new travel writers to send us stories from around the world. We want lots of pictures and videos, too. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll send you a copy of our writer’s guidelines. We cannot pay writers at this time but we will provide you with a by-line and help publicize your work.

Welcome aboard. Come in and enjoy, and get ready to take a trip with us!

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Our Out West Trip  – Come Join Us in July 2023

Our Out West Trip  – Come Join Us in July 2023

By Marcella S. Meeks

I know it’s only January but July will be here before you know it. I wanted to share with my readers a sneak preview of the places we’re going this summer. Some of it we’ve done before, and some of it is new to us. All in all, it will be a fun-filled and creative trip and one we are looking forward to again and again. Our only concern is that we hope the government don’t shut us down or hike gas prices up again like they done in the past.

We’re heading west – as usual! It’s a ten hour drive to our first destination in Carlsbad, New Mexico (exactly 665 miles one way). We’ll stay one night there and visit Carlsbad Caverns the next morning where we’ll spend the biggest part of the day. After we leave there, we’re driving over to Roswell, New Mexico (seventy-six miles away) and visit the alien museum while we’re there. If we don’t get abducted by aliens, we’ll drive the three and half hour drive (two hundred and five miles) over to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we’re going to be staying the next four nights.

Why Albuquerque, you may ask? Simple – Albuquerque is a mini vacation in itself. It can be mini or as long as you want it to be and actually, there are enough things to do there that you don’t have to go anywhere else for an eventful vacation unless you want to. I’ll highlight some of our favorite things to do and provide links here and there. We’d stay longer in Albuquerque but we love going into Colorado so we try to cram it all in one trip.

When we get to Albuquerque we like to go out to Hinkle Family Fun Center (https://www.hinklefuncenter.com/) for an afternoon of arcades, mini golf, bungy jumping and more. Just bring your credit cards and let Hinkle Family Fun Center provide the fun! It is an exciting place to be for families of all ages. Then there’s the Albuquerque Zoo and the Albuquerque Aquarium. The kids will love this one. Plan an entire day at the Alb. Zoo and the Alb. Aquarium. Then there is the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science. You sure don’t want to miss out on this one! There is more to Albuquerque though. Take the kids on a free tour of Old Town. While you’re touring, stop in at the rattle snake museum in the old town section of the downtown area.

Before I forget, if you’re into theme parks, take the kids out to Cliff’s Amusement Park. Be prepared to stay all day for the rides and the next day for the water park. Their prices are affordable and the rides are a lot of fun. My favorite (always has been) is the log ride. But I’m old school and this ride is the only one that doesn’t scare me to death. Except the drop!

If theme parks are a little out of your league, then drop by the Petroglyph National Monument or the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.

There’s more – if your kids love skateboarding, there are a couple of skate parks (for scooters and bicycles too) in town where the kids can spend the entire day or an afternoon enjoying skating for free. That’s the best part of it all.  Here are several that we’ve visited through the years but always double check to make sure they’re still in operation and safe for kids. Also, please note this list may not be complete. I did a Google search for skate park information in the Albuquerque area. We’ve been to several of them and of course, our boys loved them. But skate parks are free and your kids can have a hour, a day or a week of free fun – depending how long you intend to stay in Albuquerque. You supply the skate boards or scooters (and the kids) and they provide you with an ample supply of skate parks to choose from. Here’s my list: Los Altos Park Skatepark, North Domingo Baca Park Skatepark, Calvary Skatepark, Río Bravo Park Skatepark, Tower Pond Park Skate Park, North West Modular Skate Park, and Paradise Hills Skate Park.

I’m not even going to try and name all the activities or restaurants in Albuquerque – you’ve just got to be there and experience it your own way. There’s just too much to do, to see and enjoy!

After leaving Albuquerque, we’ll head over to Farmington and most likely, get a room and stay the night. We have family there and it wouldn’t be right not to stop in and visit since we’ve come this far. We’ll also visit the Aztec Indian Ruins in Aztec on our way out, heading to Cortez, Colorado for the next couple of nights. Yes, you guessed it – Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park is our next on our list before heading back down to Durango. We’ll probably spend a couple of nights in Durango and take a day trip over to Silverton and then on to Ouray. We have ridden the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train so many times in the past that it is not for us. I enjoy it every time but our kids are older now and don’t care for it anymore. If you’re bringing kids and they’ve never rode it, then it’s worth the money you pay for it. But it is slow and usually takes all day, round trip. Because I have done it so many times through the years, it is tiring to me because it is slow and a bit noisy. The first few times I did ride it, I found it exciting and fun.

After we leave Durango, we’re driving over to South fork. We’ll do Pagosa Springs another day. Driving over Wolf Creek Pass has always been exciting and we always stop at the summit and take pictures. You should too. Wolf Creek Pass is a high mountain pass (elevation over 10,000 feet) on the Continental Divide.

When we get settled in at South Fork for at least the night, we always venture up to South Clear Creek Falls, and North Clear Creek Falls near Creede. Creede is about 25 miles from South Fork, and is something to do while you’re visiting South Fork. After a few hours driving to the falls for a picnic lunch, and on into Creede for a little while, we head back down to South Fork and rest up. Sometimes, depending on our trip budget, we stay a day or two. But after leaving there, we drive about thirty-five miles to Monte Vista.

We usually stay in Monte Vista three or four nights because it’s an in-between location of some of the things we like to do while we’re here. Monte Vista Skate Park is the kid’s favorite of all and they spend as much here as they can. The best part is, it’s right across the street from our motel. So convenient! We usually try to book our rooms here on the weekend so that we can go to the Star Drive In Theatre in Del Norte, a little less than twenty miles away. You simply must take the family out to the Colorado Gators. It’s about a twenty-five mile drive from Monte Vista. And don’t forget, Sand Dunes National Park, about a forty mile drive from Monte Vista. And bring plenty of water for this one.

When it’s time to say goodbye to Monte vista, we’re heading over to Salida (about eighty miles away) and we’ll stay here a couple of nights, do some rafting and sight seeing before heading over to Canon City for a couple of nights. We’ll do the Royal Gorge Bridge (an all day adventure). The next day, we’ll spend the day with the kids spend the day at the Cañon City Skatepark. We’ll take a picnic lunch with us and just enjoy the day here. 

The last place we’ll stay will be in Colorado Springs. We probably won’t stay here about three days because we’ll be tired and ready to go home by then. There is so many things to do in Colorado that I don’t even know where to begin and usually, we’ll play it by ear and just do one or two things while we’re here. My two favorites are Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings and Garden of the Gods. By the time we do these two, we’re ready to head to our motel room, and rest up for the 1000 + mile drive home and back to our normal life!

But before we actually get home – just out of Colorado a little way, we’ll stop in Raton, NM. and visit the Capulin Volcano National Monument! Yes, we’ve been there many times but since we’ve come so far, we wouldn’t miss it for the world and neither should you. As soon as we’re done with that, we’re heading back home – we’ll probably make it as far as far as Amarillo, Texas if we drive withoput stopping every thirty minutes! But that’s okay if we’re certainly in no rush to get back home to our normal… I’d rather spend hours on the road with my family enjoying them every moment rather than coming home, taking them home and get back to life as we know it. It’s more fun being on vacation!!!

I know our trip seems awfully long but it’s worth every minute we put into it. Come join us if you dare!!!

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How I Spent Christmas

By Marcella S. Meeks

I guess you could say my Christmas holiday was nice but un-eventful. I wanted to go somewhere but just didn’t. My Trailblazer needs some love and conditioning (about $2000 worth of conditioning!) and an oil change before I hit the road again, as well as new tres all around. The grand kids and I had planned to go to Galveston Texas for Christmas but that was postponed until the Spring due to a number of things.

We had a blast freeze to hit our area here in the south sending temperatures down in the low teens with a chill factor of – 6 below 0. That alone was reason enough for me to stay home. I sure didn’t want to be cooped up in a room with teen aged grandsons. So we stayed home, and basically stayed in Christmas. We had dinner and opened presents but nothing out of the ordinary. The boys stayed hom e with their parents except when we exchanged gifts!

I can’t say that I didn’t dream of being somewhere besides here because I did. But it was nice seeing everyone and enjoying the time together with family and friends.

Spending Christmas at home isn’t that bad as long as you know that soon you’ll be going someplace! At least we will anyway..

I wanted to go to Arizona, Las Vegas, NV, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado on our summer trip in 2022 but ended up going to Arkansas instead when gas prices jumped up to over $5 a gallon. It’s about $2.66 a gallon right now and if it continues to stay below $3.50, we might can do a trip of that size this coming July 2023.

Needless to say, I spent Christmas afternoon watching TV and dreaming about our upcoming ’23 trip, mentally making plans and mapping out a route that I know the boys will enjoy as much as I will. See, I never travel solo – I take along my teen-aged grandsons and at least one of their friends, space permitting. I am a family oriented person and enjoy having family as company.

My trip in 2023 includes Colorado once again and I’ve already started making plans in hopes of making them a reality by July. Now that I spent the holidays making these plans, I need to spend some time making them a reality.

How did you spend your Christmas holidays? Send us reply below – we’d love to hear from you.

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Top things to do with kids

Kid Friendly Tours & Activities

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I Need a Vacation…

I Need a Vacation…By Marcella S. Meeks

I started traveling with my family in tow back in 1991 – before then, the only trips we took was visiting relatives or camping and to me, that wasn’t really traveling. Not in the sense I refer to as a real vacation.

After my divorce from my ex husband in 1991, I decided my kids and I would take a trip every year. And we did. They’re all grown now and rarely go with me anymore but now there are grand kids. And they travel with ma-maw everywhere. Some of the older ones grew up too, and now the younger grands go with me. We always have fun – it doesn’t matter if we go for two days, a week or two weeks – or longer. We always have a wonderful time. There is really no perfect trip but each one just gets better and better!

In October, the grandkids have a fall break coming up so we are planning on a little mini trip to Galveston – we’re taking our fishing gear so there will be plenty to keep us busy. There is a tropical storm brewing up out in the Atlantic right now but I don’t really think it will impact our trip too much.

I remember when I was a kid – we lived in Houston but every weekend we’d go to Galveston and fish the entire weekend. Mama loved to fish. My sisters and I spent our time chasing waves. Oh, what wonderful memories.

There have been several tropical depressions in the Atlantic basin the last few weeks but they moved on off and wasn’t a threat to the US coast. We’ll just have to wait and see how the weather is the week of our mini trip to the Gulf Coast.

We’ll go someplace else if the weather is too bad in October. I’ll keep you posted when and if we get to Galveston in a few weeks.

See you there…

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Soaring Gas Prices Across the Country

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New Mexico and Colorado – Here We Come July 2023

We went to Hot Springs, Arkansas this year for a mini vacation. Two of my grandsons came along and each brought a friend. They went to Magic Springs two or three times while we were there and they enjoyed it so much in spite of the heat. I drove around town and found several thrift stores and spent my little bit of spending money on stuff I wanted and at the end of the day, we wee all tired and happy. The mountain tower was also their favorite pass time and they walked to it from downtown. A little free fun!

I was a little disappointed to find that The Hot Springs Aquarium is now gone. All of my children grew up going there every year and then all the grandkids. The kids coming now never got to go through except when they too young to enjoy and remember. The Aquarium will always be an important memory icon for me and the memories will be cherished forevermore.

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t go back to Colorado this year and enjoy the cool mountain weather. I know I’ve complained about the high gas prices but it has dropped down some since our drive to Arkansas. All I can say is Colorado and New Mexico missed our travel dollars this year because of the gas hike. I’m not really complaining but I am very disappointed. If I had plenty of money I wouldn’t have minded but that’s not the case.

Arkansas got some of it and yes, we were happy to be somewhere other than home.

Colorado is like my home and my family and I have made a lot of fine memories there throughout the years since 1991.

So I am starting early this year and paying it forward and making sure we get to Colorado next year – even if it means cutting back on ice cream and coke! I am working on my itinerary as we speak and should have everything squared away by the end of the year. That’s my plans anyway. So New Mexico and Colorado – here we come… 2023!

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Soaring Gas Prices Across the Country

By Marcella S. Meeks

In a few short weeks, hopefully if I can get enough money to buy the gas for vacation, we’ll be heading West. The way it’s looking now, it’s going to cost me a whopping $1250 round trip just for gasoline in my old trail blazer. I’m not even sure if that is a doable thing at this point. I’m deliberating on canceling everything in New Mexico and Colorado and just going someplace closer like Hot Springs, Arkansas. It will only cost me $300 round trip to go there – give or take a few dollars.

I never worried about gas before but I never spent over $600 round trip even going 3500 miles or so. Now the thought of $1200 just for gas really makes me stop and think. Spending that much on gas cuts out extra activities and eating out, that’s for sure. What’s the point in going on vacation if all your money is spent on gas and there’s little left for anything fun?

I’m taking my grandsons. Needless to say, they’re going to have to eat. Feeding teen agers isn’t cheap either. With gas prices soaring and my bank account already over-budgeted and slim as it is, rethinking our vacation plans this year is in the makings as we speak. I’d rather go someplace like Arkansas than no place at all.

Everybody is saying that Biden did this to us… Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they’re right. Regardless who did it, cutting our vacation in half this year is a ‘have-to’ instead of a ‘want-to’. Until gas prices get back to normal if it ever does, vacationing closer to home and spending less on gas is something I will have to consider from here on out.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is cutting out long hauls this year. I know people who are cutting vacation time out altogether and sticking close to home. But I must go somewhere. My sanity is at stake here – I have to get away and just enjoy being somewhere other than here. So – Arkansas was the grandsons first choice at a ‘closer to home’ destination. Any ideas? Feel free to share here. Thanks…

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I’m Ready To Travel

By Marcella S. Meeks

     Summertime can’t get here fast enough for me. I’m ready to pack up my car, my little dog, and two of my grandkids and hit Interstate 20 heading West. Tristin and Kendray have their hearts set on Florida but not sure as yet how that will work out for us. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’m certainly gonna try to get us there but if not, we’ll go to Galveston instead. At least make the beach in Texas if nothing else. And then there’s our Out West trip! That’s my most important trip of all.

     We’re leaving here July 3rd and driving to Roswell, New Mexico. I want to take the boys to the alien museum in Roswell. While we’re there, we’re only eighty miles or so from Carlsbad Caverns. I figure we can drive to the Carlsbad and we can go down in the caves before returning to Roswell. The next day, we’re off to Albuquerque. We’re staying there three nights. The kids are going to the zoo, and aquarium, Cliff’s Amusement Park, Rattlesnake Museum and skate at a couple of the skate parks.

     When we leave there, we’re headed to Farmington, NM and we’re spending one night there. We’re visiting Jack’s brother and going to the Aztec Indian ruins while we’re there. The next day, we’re driving up to Cortez, Colorado and we’re going through the
Mesa Verde tour before heading back down to Durango where we’re staying the next three nights at Motel Durango.

     The kids can utilize the free skate park during our three day stay. We can drive over to Silverton and then on to Ouray and spend the day before returning to Durango.

     After that, we’re South Fork bound. We’ll hang around South Fork for several days. There’s a waterfall that we love to visit between South fork and Creede. We’ll probably drive over and spend the day in Lake City, one of our favorite small towns about seventy five miles away. Yeah, a little gas, but well worth the drive nevertheless. The scenic mountain views are worth every minute you put into the drive.

     After that, we’ll head over to Monte Vista – not much there but there is a skate park (free access) across the street from our motel. Tristin and Kendray loves the skate park here and in the evening we’ll take in a movie at the drive in. You don’t see many of those around anymore. It has become a family tradition for us!

     We’ll take in the Great Sand Dunes and the Colorado Gators while we’re here. Our favorite things to do!

     Last but not least, we’ll head over to Canon City for a couple off days. Free skate park here as well, and we’ll do the Royal Gorge Bridge. We might drive over to Colorado Springs on our way out and visit the Manitou cliff Dwellings and Garden of the Gods.

     This is a well-trod vacation for our family. I know the boys get a little tired of the same old same old but not really in a way because we only do it once a year. Each time we go, we find a small gem that we missed the year before.  That’s always a plus in our vacation plans. It doesn’t matter to me – I love New Mexico and Colorado in the summer months. I’ve been doing this vacation since the early nineties with my own children, and now I’m doing it with grandchildren. There’s some great grands already and when they get old enough, they’re welcome to tag along with me!

     Well, after three long weeks it’s about time to start home. No, I’m not ready but it is that time. Money will be getting tight and our home at home will be calling for us! See you this summer!

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Summer Vacation 2021

Summer Vacation 2021

By Marcella S. Meeks

Summer vacation has finally arrived. Plans are already being made for summer vacation… but there is a setback – two of my grandsons (fellow travelers) have to do summer school until June 30th. Oh yeah, this traveling Grandma is having fits. But at the same time, I saw this coming because one of them was really struggling hard with Math. Come to find out, they both were. I told them both that I was aware of their struggles and therefore I didn’t plan anything for June. But July – watch out because I’m hitting the open road and getting out of this place for the entire month! I’m headed west again this year.

Traveling is one of the many things I enjoy. I am a 61 year old grandmother, have battled Stage 4 mouth cancer twice and am still cancer-free (I still have a four year margin on the last cancer before I can confidently say it’s gone for good), and I have the blood pressure of a twenty-five year old. Traveling keeps my blood pressure normal because I am happiest when I’m on the road. And laughter and happiness is good medicine, especially when you have someone special to share your time with.

We’re just a normal family, live in a normal town, do the normal things families do, but once or twice a year, this grandma becomes Super Woman. I get into high gear, start putting plans together for the ultimate vacation for me and some of the grand kids and we load up the Trail Blazer and go! Go! Go!

In April on Spring Break, we went to Florida for a couple of days and come back and spent one night in Mobile, AL, and stayed the following three nights in Biloxi, MISS. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Black Spring Break! Talk about racists! We had no idea when we booked the rooms there was such a thing going on but on Friday evening, I finally had the nerve to ask the lady at the front desk and she informed me it was ‘Black Spring Break.” Not that I minded in the least because I have mixed grand children and two of them were with us. And no, I’m not prejudiced in any shape or form. But we were in a different world. That day it was wall to wall black people on the beaches with only a sprinkle or two of whites amongst them. And we whites stood out like a sore thumb!

But the people were super nice. No one was mean to us and not once did I feel like they were prejudiced against us. But I do have a question – what if we had a holiday called White Spring Break? That would never fly!

It was interesting enough and even though it wasn’t actually in my plans, at least I got to be there and witness it with my own two eyes and it wasn’t half bad! The barbeque pits were cranking and my taste buds were on the rampage!!!

So, we’re off to the Rocky Mountains again this year but not before we head farther west to Arizona and Nevada – oh yeah, Hoover Dam is in our plans! The grand kids promised to do the best in summer school, so we’ll go full sail ahead with our plans, leaving out on July 3rd or 4th. I need the month for packing anyway and getting things in order.

I have four amazing friendly and sweet cats who live outside and keep the rats and snakes and other creepy-crawly’s at bay, and they well be taken care of in our absence. My daughter Theresa and our neighbor will be making sure they’re fed and watered everyday.

I am kind of sad in some ways because our little traveling dog Phoenix will not be with us this year. He was killed back in March in an accident. He was off his leash in the yard and I was watching him but I was busy watering the plants and he slipped away unnoticed and crossed the road and was hit by a pickup truck. It tore my heart up. But for almost three years we made some wonderful memories with our little fur baby and I am thankful for the time we had together. It will take a long time to get over him.

My daughter and grandkids got me a new little fur baby named Isabelle for my birthday but she gets car sick and won’t be able to make the trip this year. I bought some motion sickness medicine for dogs but I just think this time, we’ll leave her with her aunt! It’s still too soon for me, and I need to heal after loosing Phoenix. He was like one of muy children.

Isabelle is a wonderful new addition to our family but with her motion sickness and my feelings, I think she’d be better off staying with her aunt! I was hoping for a short excursion to Hot Springs, Arkansas in August for a couple of nights anyway – and I will take her then and get her accustomed to traveling. It’s only a four hour drive from home. Going out west we’re looking at a good 3500 round trip jaunt in July and I think that’s a little much for Isabelle, and for me, especially with her getting sick so easily.

I am excited about our upcoming trip! I just spent about $1800 getting my car in good shape and I hope we don’t run into any problems after spending that kind of money. I’m getting the oil changed and the tires rotated in June! The tires are practically new so we’re in good shape (I have a new spare on hand to be on the safe side).

We’re starting out in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a few days where the boys can enjoy Cliff’s Amusement Park, the zoo and aquarium, the dinosaur museum and a walk around Old Town before heading over to Laughlin, Nevada. While we’re there, we’re going over into Arizona and see what we can get into and then back to Las Vagas! I can hear my brain kicking in humming “Chi-Ching!” Just keep on humming because I don’t have the money for that! But it will be exciting to visit all the same!

When we leave there we’re heading over to Durango, Colorado for a week. Mesa Verde National Park is on the agenda, and just hanging out and having fun. I think we may be rafting again this year down the Animas River… We’ll drive over to Silverton and then on to Ouray and spend a few hours before heading back to Durnago.

When we leave there we’re making our way across Wolf Creek Pass and staying in Del Norte, Colorado for the next five nights – it’s a small town and not much there except a laundromat, grocery store and a dollar store and my favorite – a thrift store! But across the street from our motel is a huge skate park and the boys spends every day there and the best part, it’s free. It’s usually not very crowded but there are other kids who come to skate and practice off and on during the day. It’s walking distance so I stroll over several times a day checking on them and taking them lunch! We’re going to the Sand Dunes and the Colorado Gators while we’re there.

When we leave Del Norte, we’re heading over to Canon City for the next 5 nights. We’ll drive over to Leadville and ride the train one day, and one day, off to Colorado Springs to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings for the day before heading back. Then it’s off to the Royal Gorge Bridge the following day! No rest for the weary!

This is going to be an awesome vacation and I can hardly wait! I’m almost through packing but there is always those last minute extra’s. Even with all the careful planning I still manage to forget something!

Well that wraps up our trip for this year! Looking forward to every minute of it. If you want to go, pack up and come along. It will be so much fun. See you there!

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Colorado Fascination/Indian Intrigue – A Spiritual Awakening

Courageous Woman At Heart

Colorado Fascination/Indian Intrigue – A Spiritual Awakening

By Marcella S. Meeks

I have always been fascinated with the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I don’t know why but the beauty of these particular mountains move me in ways that is hard to understand. It’s almost a spiritual feeling. I am not particular fond of the cold weather months but I find spiritual healing in these mountains even then.

Ouray was always one of my favorite towns – it’s jut something about it nestled in the valley shadowed by mountains all around that excites my being. I haven’t been there in a few years although been close to it several times.

I think the reason I loved Ouray so much was because Jack took me there many years ago when we were so much in love and it had a true meaning for me then. We got married there years later. We…

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The Benefits of Family Vacations: Blessings, Happiness and Relaxation

The Benefits of Family Vacations: Blessings, Happiness and Relaxation

By Marcella S. Meeks

     The last few months have been trying times for many Americans. The uncertainties and travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic have put this country in a stressful state, in more ways than one. A lot of families are still afraid to travel because of the fear of being quarantined somewhere other than in their home town.

     Vacation is not only essential to families but is also a blessing to most. God created this magnificent world we live in and He wants us to enjoy it as much as we possibly can. He created the oceans and as well as the mountains, and He intended us to accept these blessings in our lives, to be enjoyed as long as we live.

     For most working people, after vacation time, employees who took a vacation are relaxed and more focused on their jobs, motivated and more productive. Travel is essential because it lowers stress, people have a better outlook on life, and they are happier and satisfied. Traveling relieves anxiety and depression, and people are more relaxed and at ease. God gave man the key to His blessings, a way to heal their bodies in a natural way.

     Sometimes, though, traveling can create stress if a trip is not planned properly. The key to achieving a successful trip is to plan. It’s not necessarily where you go that makes a trip successful, it’s knowing how you’re getting there, how much money you have to spend, where you’re spending it at, and making sure everything is done according to plan, saving space for the extra surprises you encounter while you’re there.

     If you’re traveling with children, you want to make sure there is a pool, possibly an arcade or game room. Having a few rolls of quarters stashed in your duffle bag is always a good idea. You sure don’t want to be sitting a room with two or three children with no pool or game room somewhere in the building or on the premises. You’re on vacation so make the kids vacation as entertaining as your own. You’ll be happier in the end.

     Families who travel bond. They create long-lasting memories that last a lifetime, and they are much happier and satisfied than those that don’t travel. After a trip, the kids will talk about their vacation for weeks and weeks afterward.

      There are a lot of places you can take your family, but there are places that are seldom overlooked. Sometimes, just finding a diamond in the rough (a travel oasis the whole family will love) is a blessing in disguise. And there is such a place, if you love nature. It is a ‘the’ place to be, especially in the summer months.

     Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, near Alamosa in southern Colorado is a great place for families and for older adults as well. The best time to visit the Sand Dunes is early in the morning before six or seven – before the sun comes out and heats things up.

     The Great Sand Dunes Lodge (Mosca) is located about five miles from the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, and about twenty-five miles from Alamosa, the nearest town. The Lodge opens for business in early March and closes about the middle of November for the winter season. All nineteen rooms/suites are clean and comfortable, each one with a patio for your enjoyment. The Lodge is pet-friendly which is a plus for families with fur babies. They serve breakfast and have an indoor pool for your convenience.

     Mornings are cool in the mountains but having breakfast on your private patio is relaxing and gratifying to your soul. The hummingbird feeders are always full and the little birds come back every year. The view itself is worth the travel.

     You can stay two or three days or the whole summer if you want. You don’t have to go into the Sand Dunes if you’re not physically able but just seeing them is well worth the drive.

     Bring the family and enjoy the blessings of God’s beautiful country. The Sand Dunes awaits… Pack up the kids, the fur babies and head out to Colorado.

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Happy New Year Snowman

Happy New Year

Courageous Woman At Heart

By Kendray Owens

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Reflections of 2020 – How The Pandemic Affected Our Travel Plans Last Summer…

Reflections of 2020 – How The Pandemic Affected Our Travel Plans Last Summer…

Hindsight 20/20

By Marcella Meeks

Our family  travel plans for June and July 2020 were awesome but short-lived due to the restrictions and quarantine guidelines set forth in some states that we were planning to travel to. We had to cancel out our plans in several states and because we had booked and paid for rooms in advance (some of these rooms were cheaper because we took the No Refund way out for cancellations) not thinking about the situation at hand – simply thinking we were saving money. We saved a few dollars at the time of the booking, but lost out in the end because we couldn’t make our destination due to Covid-19 restrictions and quarantine rules set for those states, and the motels wouldn’t refund us our money.

We left Louisiana, drove across Texas and made it to Colorado last year where we spent the first several nights in Salida, then on to the Great Sand Dunes Lodge in Mosca, then to South Fork. We were heading to New Mexico for five nights, then to Las Vegas, Nevada for 5 nights, and come back through Arizona and then back home. But after our nights were up in Colorado, we found out that New Mexico had quarantine rules set up. If you come into their state to stay more than two nights, you’d have to quarantine for 14 days, as well as Nevada.

No way could we stay in New Mexico, and Nevada for 14 days each state. We had other plans. I called and we couldn’t get our money back and couldn’t afford to stay that many days in either place. Just luckily, I left Arizona rooms open (I didn’t book rooms for us there) so we could travel any way we wanted, so we didn’t lose anything in Arizona.

Our vacation money I had saved for us went out the window right then and there. Colorado was the only state that didn’t have quarantine rules in effect but our money was already spent and lost on the rooms in New Mexico, and Nevada. We were on a strict travel budget as it was and couldn’t afford to pay for additional rooms especially after having lost our money elsewhere so the only thing we could do at that point was turn back and go home. So that’s what we did. It upset me so bad knowing that my grandchildren (as well as myself) were counting on going to Nevada and Arizona because we had never been before.

Hundreds of dollars lost – down the drain in 2020 because of the pandemic and no, we never got our money back. It was hard returning home and loosing all that money but we have limitations on what we can spend and believe me, the whole virus thing cost us way more than that trip was worth. I’m not saying we didn’t enjoy being in Colorado – we did. It was wonderful. But we had plans to go to the Hoover Dam in Nevada which we found out at the last minute that it was closed due to the pandemic. All our plans had to be cancelled right then and there.

It took me a long time to save that kind of money for a trip like that, and it was hard just forgetting it especially having lost that kind of money on rooms that we didn’t get to stay in whatsoever.

I want to plan our summer vacation this year but I am not paying forward this time. We might save a few dollars in booking fees but I learned my lesson in 2020, especially when this country is going through the pandemic crisis. From what I have heard on the news, it’s not getting any better and there is another virus creeping in.

2021 travel plans are under way but I’m not booking anything and paying in advance until we leave and know that there are no restrictions set forth. When the 2020 vacation plans were made it was well before the pandemic had nearly shut the country down. It might cost me a few dollars more in the long run, but I’m not willing to throw away my money this year on nothing. We could have used that money that was wasted in Colorado and stayed there the entire time. Hindsight 20/20 I guess you can say!

My plans do include these states in 2021 but the only way we will go is pay when we get there and if there are no pandemic quarantine restrictions.

We know how to social distance ourselves and wash our hands and wear a mask – we’ve practiced that for an entire year now and it’s second nature.

This country is hurting bad because of the pandemic. I’m sure people are hurting too and have lost family members to Covid-19. But people are also dying from heart attacks, cancer, flu, diabetes, old age, abortions, and suicide and murder – right on down the line. I don’t exactly see the government making a big deal out of any of this – matter of fact Biden is all for abortion… No, I won’t even get started on political matters… a story for a different time, I guess.

Before I bring this reflective piece to a close, let me do mention that businesses everywhere are hurting because of the Covid-19 pandemic and what the whole

thing has done to our country. Our country has become so fearful that most people have become prisoners in their own world – shut-ins if you please.

In October 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 mouth cancer the second time around – the first time was in October 2017. I had to have major surgery again and nearly died twice from the results of the radiation from the first cancer. Yes, I was frightened but I am alive and going to go on living until my time on this earth is up. I’m not going to hide and become a recluse – a prisoner and live my life like that just because I had cancer. It can come back and kill me. I know that could happen just like I know someone (even me) could get the Covid-19 virus. But people – this is America. We need to restore it back to where it was before 2020 and live our life free of restrictions and fear.

Social distance, wear your masks and wash your hands. Take disinfectant wipes, pinesol, bleach and peroxide and clean everything if you must. Clean everything you can. Heck, take your own linen and towels if you think you need to. I do that anyway when we go places because we camp out sometimes, and it is necessary to have things available.

Just don’t become prisoners to this whole pandemic thing. That alone can kill you. Let’s get out, take a stroll, go camping or hiking and live our lives as happily as we can. Fear will destroy your life if you let it.

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Laughter and Mini Trips – Good Medicine

Laughter and Mini Trips – Good Medicine

Courageous Woman At Heart

Laughter and Mini Trips – Good Medicine

By Marcella S. Meeks

     We took a little mini trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas this week, a much needed break I might add. The boys had a good time. We ate supper at Cracker Barrel on Thursday evening and went to a movie and saw: The War With Grandpa. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Forgot how to laugh, I think. Laugher heals the soul.

I wish we were still on the trip but I am also glad to be home and working a little bit too. I’ve got some stories to write when I figure out what it is I am going to write about!

     So, here’s for mini vacations! Take in a funny movie too and laugh a little. It’ll do your soul some good.

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We’ll See You There Real Soon!

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Looking for a Travel Oasis? You’ll find it at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge


When we arrived at the lodge several days ago, what a joyful surprise it was when we came into our room. The first thing I saw was patio doors looking out over the flatlands just below the sand dunes. It was like eye candy as I stood there looking out after a long days drive. The grandkids were in awe as well and couldn’t wait to get outside and explore. I knew without a doubt the patio would become our favorite space.

     The Great Sand Dunes Lodge has 19 rooms and a camper trailer they rent out nightly. They open for business early March and close about the middle of November. The rooms are clean and comfortable, each one with a patio for your enjoyment. And the Lodge is pet-friendly, which made it easier for us because we carry our little dog Phoenix every where we go.

     This would be the perfect oasis or vacation spot for families or anyone who loves nature’s beauty.

There are camp sites available nearby, and an RV park, just walking distance from the Lodge.

     When we first arrived, the manager and staff made sure our stay was a good one.

     They serve breakfast but because of the corona virus restrictions, we had to go to the office, put our order in and they cooked breakfast for us and we came back to our room and eat out on the deck. It was pretty cool out there though. Mornings are colder in the mountains.

     The kids enjoys the indoor pool.

     Being at the Lodge this week has truly been relaxing after a 1500 mile drive to get here. I have been so relaxed and have honestly enjoyed it here. Our room was a little smaller than I wanted but it was not bad at all. I never want to leave. But our stay is over in the morning and we’ll be on our way someplace else. Instead of asking “Are we there yet?” my nine year old grandson asked me this morning, “Do we have to leave?” I’ve asked myself the same question! The good thing is, we will be back. This entire week has been gratifying in ways that’s hard to explain but just watching the sun set every evening from our patio soothed my anxious, frayed nerves… Little things like this matter.

     The Great Sand Dunes Lodge is located about twenty-five miles from the nearest town of Alamosa, and only a few short miles to the Great American Sand Dunes. The boys enjoyed this more than anything. We rented sleds and they spent an entire day at the dunes. If you happen to go up, be sure to take plenty of water with you… Staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy, especially in the mountains.

     Don’t forget about the Colorado Gators over in Hooper about nineteen miles from the Lodge. This is a live, operational farm, with real alligators – a place the kids want forget for a long time.

     I can’t express it enough how much we enjoyed being at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge this week, If we didn’t already have reservations elsewhere, I’d stay a few more days. But with the Covid-19 restrictions right now, we need to get on with our vacation and get back home.

     One last thought, when you do call for information about the Lodge, be sure to tell them you read about it here on our site. I highly recommend the Great Sand Dunes Lodge to all my family and friends and readers. But don’t take my word for it. Come out and stay a night or two. You’ll see why we love it so much…

Friday, July 10, 2020

Returning Home

We made it home last night about midnight. We were going to go over into New Mexico but found out that the Covid 19 retrictions of self quarntining in our room for 14 days was too much since we had three grandsons and our dog Phoenix with us. I cried yesterday when we left the Lodge and as I look at each of the photos above, it breaks my heart. I wish we never had to leave.

The Great Sand Dunes Lodge was such a comfortable place to stay and I’d go back and stay for the rest of the season if I could. The driving was a little hard getting there and coming home but it was worth the time and effort we put into it.

We’ll see you guys again soon! Thank you for the relaxing time. It was just what I needed.

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Our Trip to the Great Sand Dunes Lodge

Great Sand Dunes Lodge

 CO-150, Mosca, CO 81146

(719) 378-2900


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Simple Lodge & Hostel – Salida, Colorado

Simple Lodge & Hostel – Salida, Colorado
By Marcella S. Meeks

 I want to tell you about our adventure at the hostel in Salida. I have never stayed at one before and was a little skeptical at first, especially with all the Covid-19 propaganda going around (another story for another time!). When we arrived at the Simple Lodge & Hostel, my first impression was, ‘okay, can we do this?’ My three grandsons were okay with it and their response was, “Wow! Ma-maw, this is like summer camp with Wi-Fi!”

     I wasn’t really sure what the word hostel meant. According to Google dictionary, a hostel is a an establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers. It was very inexpensive, simple and a friendly place to stay. There was food available but we brought our own.

      We were greeted by a young man who welcomed us and showed us around the living area and the kitchen and finally to our room. It was a little small but we booked at the least minute and it was fourth of July weekend so we were lucky to be able to find a room at all.

     My youngest grandson Kendray remarked, “This place is so homey!”

     It was a little different than the places we were accustomed to but we were fine with it. My first impression was to run away to one of the modest motels I saw coming in but too late – the kids wanted to stay. I thought they’d be upset not having a pool but they had their I-pads and phones and Wi-Fi so all was well in our world.
     I went down later and made chili dogs for the family and they were satisfied.

     The Simple Lodge & Hostel is located in the downtown section of Salida – there isn’t a lot of parking space but the lodge itself is okay.

      There were mostly young people staying there and they all got along really good. It was quiet and peaceful. The beds were okay, as good as any we slept in. The room were clean. But there was no air conditioning. But in Colorado that is the norm for some of these places. It was a little hot when we went to bed that first night but by morning we had to turn the fans off and cover up.

      The upstairs bathroom were multi-use and shared by other guests but they were private and clean.

     After summing it all up, my grandson was right. It was like summer camp in a lot of ways!

     It was an adventure for me because I am much older now but it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it and made some fine memories that will last a lifetime!

     If you are adventurous or just looking for a good night rest while traveling, stop in at the Simple Lodge & Hostel. Tell them Marcella with the Family Traveler sent you…


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Upcoming Trip Despite the Virus and the Riots

By Marcella S. Meeks

     We are ready to break down some walls. My grandsons and I are ready for a long vacation! This whole Covid-19 pandemic and now the rioting has been depressing. We have toughed it out long enough. So we’re not going to worry about either one and just try and have a good time.

     Next week, we’re heading out West. I have always been drawn to the West, to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.

     We’re going to stop off and stay at Simple Lodge & Hostel in Salida Colorado for a couple of nights. We’ve never stayed in a hostel before so we’re looking forward to sampling one for the first time.

     Once we get there, I’ll write about my experience and let you know how we liked it! And I’ll share some pictures with you guys!

      We’re going to go over to the Royal Gorge Bridge and spend the day. We’ll also be going over to Leadville and ride the Leadville train.

     If all goes well, we’ll drive over to Colorado Springs before leaving Salida and go through the Manitou Cliff Dwellings – we have reservations but they may be closed due to Covid-19. We’ll call ahead to be sure.

     After we leave Salida, we’re heading over to Mosca to the Great Sand Dunes Lodge! The grandkids enjoyed the sand dunes last year so we’ll do that again this year. It’s pretty hot out there but an adventure they apparently enjoy.

     After several days there, we’ll head off to Albuquerque for several days before heading off to the Hoover dam in Nevada and then to Laughlin, Arizona. This is going to be an adventure because we have never been to Nevada or Arizona.

     When we start home, we’ll stop by Carlsbad Caverns if they’re open and possibly run over to Roswell.

      I will post stories about each adventure as it unfolds as well as photos.

Can’t wait till we leave for our trip!

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It’s Time for a Trip – Let’s Re-Open and Make a Go for It

It’s Time for a Trip – Let’s Re-Open and Make a Go for It

By Marcella S. Meeks

     Our nation has faced so many challenges the last few months due to the COVID-

-19 pandemic – the restrictions and shutdowns, etc. has affected all of us in some way.  It is time to come back now, re-open our businesses and try to regain our strength the best way we can.

    It has touched each of us in some way – whether we had the virus or not. We may not have physically had it or was hospitalized but our businesses felt the impact of it in every way.

     Summer is here. Travelers are ready to break down some walls and get out and enjoy life, masks or not. I know. I’m one of them. I want to be out there with you guys, along with my family and friends.

     America, it is time to re-open, take a trip and let the sun shine in! Let’s re-open, re-build and get on with it. See you on the open road!

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Great Sand Dunes Lodge – Come join us!

Colorado – here we come! Our first 5 nights will be at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge in Mosca Colorado! I hope to see you there!

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It’s Time For A Trip

The last few weeks have been the hardest for us especially being trapped at home and not being able to travel. Social distancing has not been the problem. The fear of getting trapped someplace and trying to figure what to do is the hard part so we ended up staying home. I love to travel… and when I can’t go where I want to go when I want to go, it is nerve-wrecking. It is definitely time for a trip. The next few days I will be working on plans and updating The Family Traveler USA – new trip ideas, new ads, new stories… Watch for it.

Let’s make the rest of 2020 the best it can be. Come travel with us!


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Colorado here we come – no Coronavirus gonna stop us!

Colorado here we come – no Coronavirus gonna stop us! We’re headed to the Great Sand Dunes Lodge in Colorado on April 6th! https://familytravelhostusa.com/ Corona move aside because we’re not changing our plans! We’ve got plenty of sanitary items and meds to keep us clean and safe and toilet paper if need be! So Great Sand Dunes Lodge we’ll be heading your way in a few weeks… We’re ready to travel… Come join us at the lodge at http://www.gsdlodge.com/

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In Spite of the Hysteria Going On, I Am Ready To Travel!

I found this on Facebook and wanted to share it…


This is so true – I mean get real – this is crazy. They couldn’t impeach him so now this… talk about major manipulation… America, why are we letting this happen? We are smart, inteliigent people? I’m sorry but I’m not falling for it either – not one bit. I may have to go stock up groceries to feed my family because of the way our country is reacting and that the stores are emptying their shelves but I dont buy this crap. I’m not worried about the virus – I’m worried about what our country is doing and how they are reacting, and mostly what our government and all those officials from the presidential status on down the line are trying to pull on us. It’s time to stop the media crap – everybody needs to let this mess die down and go away – it will – causing dooms day mass hysteria in this country is crazy and that’s all we’re doing by publishing and sharing propaganda like this on Social Media. Social Media has it’s place in this country but it can create havoc in our country is misused and the way I see it, it is being misused to stir up hysteria. Where is our faith and our trust in the Lord? Everybody’s running around like it’s the end of the world. I get more scared when a hurricane hits the coast like Katrina than I do over something this idiotic. Stop scaring yourself. If you’re afraid of catching the virus stay home. Just dont turn it into a dooms day tatic.


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Go Beyond the Typical Travel Saving Tips


Image courtesy of Unsplash

Go Beyond the Typical Travel Saving Tips

By Jesse Clark

It’s no secret that people want to save money on travel. Entire industries have built their brands around being the budget-friendly travel options, and people are constantly scrambling for a deal by trying to perfectly time their flights or hotel bookings. 

When it comes to saving money on travel costs, there are some tried and true approaches. For instance, consumers know they can turn to airlines like Southwest where “bags fly free” or put their trust in a brand like Enterprise Rent-A-Car (which Forbes notes also has high-ranking customer satisfaction) for low-cost and reliable rental cars. They can even join airline rewards programs or look for Enterprise deals and promo codes to make their dollars stretch even further. 

Even with those approaches, however, travel costs are on the rise, and the savvy traveler is going to have to do more to make up the difference to keep their costs as low as possible. 

Use Your Time Wisely

If you work in a flexible job (and a lot of people do since they’re the wave of the future), see if you flexibility with your travel time. 

You can also choose to start your vacation week on a Tuesday or a Wednesday instead of the typical Monday or Saturday. You’ll get the same amount of vacation, but if you’re traveling against the busiest flow of traffic, you’ll get to enjoy it with less stress and more money. USA Today notes this is especially true if your travel is going to happen around a holiday. It can be worth it to take the extra days off work to get in before the crowd. 

To take this tip to an even grander level, plan your entire travel itinerary in the “shoulder season.” This is traveling off-season during part of the year when you can still enjoy the benefits of the location. As an example, think about being at a beach in September. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the sun and sea, but the beach is much less crowded because family vacationers are back to school. Do keep in mind that what counts as the shoulder season may be different for each destination, so do your research and plan accordingly. 

Be Smart About Food 

You’ve got to eat, and all the people wanting to profit off of you know it! Tourist traps abound in the food world, and they know that when you’re tired, hungry, and jet-lagged, you’re in no position to turn down subpar food at expensive prices. It’s common to just settle for whatever is closest and thus overspend. Don’t let this happen to you. Often, people plan out some fancy dinners for their trip, but they tend to wing their breakfasts and lunches, assuming they’ll be able to find food along the way. 

Finding the local hotspots can save you money and equate to the best eats. And per The Discoverer, that’s just one thing you should ask locals about to make sure you get the most out of your stay. Often-missed attractions, cultural interests, and shopping are some other key inquiries to keep in mind.

Making more intentional choices about where and what you’ll eat before your stomach is rumbling and your eyes have glazed over from being packed in a plane with noisy strangers can save you serious money. It can also help you make sure that you get food you really want instead of hitting up the McDonald’s on the other side of the world (and there really is one just about everywhere). 

Many travelers use their smartphones to look up local eatery locations and reviews. This can be an effective way to find a tasty new spot, but if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll want to be careful of how much data you use. To avoid expensive overage charges, your best bet may be to sign up for a prepaid international phone plan. 

The bottom line is that travel is expensive, and it goes beyond simply choosing the best companies to go with for the trip itself. A savvy traveler will need to do research to snag the best deals for their flights, rental cars, and hotels, but they’ll also need to spend some time thinking about the essence of the trip itself if they want to afford multiple trips or more far-flung destinations. With these tips, you can make the most of every dollar and every moment next time you pack your bags!

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Winter Break FUN!! Purchase an Unlimited Play Pass and we’ll give you 3 gifts!!

Winter Break FUN!! Purchase an Unlimited Play Pass and we’ll give you 3 gifts!!


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Winter Break is even more FUN at Hinkle Family Fun Center! That’s right … we’ve got the fun, you get the gifts!!
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Winter Break is even more FUN at Hinkle Family Fun Center! That’s right … we’ve got the fun, you get the gifts!! Purchase an Unlimited Play Pass and we’ll give you 3 gifts! That’s right, 3 gifts! An XD Dark Ride 7D Interactive Experience, an Immersive Virtual Reality Base Game and a $10 Fun Card!! That’s over a $107 value!

Unlimited FUN on our Main Attractions – Go Karts, Lazer Tag, Miniature Golf, Bumper Cars, Rock Climbing, Bumper Boats, Bungee Jump Trampoline, Lazer Frenzy and Light Space.

Winter Break Special … Purchase an Unlimited Play Pass and we’ll give you 3 gifts! That’s right, 3 gifts! An XD Dark Ride 7D Interactive Experience, an Immersive Virtual Reality Base Game and a $10 Fun Card!!

Hinkle Family Fun Center
12931 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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Santa Approved, Stockings Ready—Buy a $25 Gift Card and get $10 Game Card for FREE!

Santa Approved, Stockings Ready—Buy a $25 Gift Card and get $10 Game Card for FREE!

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Santa Approved, Stockings Ready—Buy a $25 Gift Card and get $10 Game Card for FREE Online Only at HinkleFamilyFunCenter.com!

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With sleigh bells ringing and in some parts of the country … snow glistening …. keeping up on your holiday shopping is just a matter of uncovering what they really want for Christmas. This season, keep spirits bright with our exclusive gift card sale sure to make even a Grinch smile!!

Go to our website at the link below, buy a $25 Gift Card and you’ll get a $10 Game Card FREE!!


Hinkle Family Fun Center
12931 Indian School Rd NE
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Birthday Surprise—Choice of One Free Attraction for Your Big Day


Birthday Surprise—Choice of One Free Attraction for Your Big Day
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Choice of One Free Attraction for the Birthday Honoree
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The only thing better than kicking a birthday off with a slice of something sweet and the traditional $10 bill from Grandma, is a special surprise that truly takes the cake. Treat the birthday boy or girl to their choice of attraction on us, courtesy of our exclusive gift from Hinkle Family Fun Center today!

Our Birthday Special:

Choice of One Free

Attraction for the Birthday Honoree

Choose from: Immersive Virtual Reality, Laser Tag, Go-Karts, Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats, Paintball, Bumper Car, Battletech Firestorm, The Rock, Bungee Jump Trampoline, Lazer Frenzy, or Light Space.

Expires 14 days after claim.

Hinkle Family Fun Center
12931 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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Storytime Sunday – Jeremy’s New Friend, Lug

via Storytime Sunday – Jeremy’s New Friend, Lug

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What is your favorite family vacation spot?

What is your favorite family vacation spot? Post your comments here. Family Travel Host USA, https://familytravelhostusa.com/

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Veterans Play FREE on Veteran’s Day

Veterans Play FREE on Veteran’s Day with the purchase of any attraction package or pass by your family, you will receive the same pass FREE!


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Veterans Play FREE on Veteran’s Day with the purchase of any attraction package or pass by your family, you will receive the same pass FREE!
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Veterans Play FREE on Veteran’s Day! With the purchase of any attraction package or pass by your family, you will receive the same pass for FREE!.

We’re celebrating the arrival of our newest attraction, the XD Dark Ride and what better way to celebrate than by giving you a special?!! Anytime in the month of November you’ll receive 1 free XD Dark Ride with the purchase of any timed pass like the Unlimited Play Pass, Group Passes and Ultimate Birthday Party passes!! Immerse yourself in a 7D interactive ride experience! Up to 8 riders battle enemies amid stunning multi sensory special effects. Put your 3D glasses on and race along in a mine shaft, battle for your life against zombies and more!

Valid on Monday, November 11th, 2019, only. Free pass must be of equal or lesser value. Limit one free Veterans pass per family. Subject to rules of use. Paintball pass does not include paintballs.

Hinkle Family Fun Center
12931 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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19th Annual Holiday Open House

Rogers Historical Museum

19th Annual Holiday Open House

WHEN: December 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: 322 South Second, corner of Second and Cherry in the Rogers Historic District


The Rogers Historical Museum is once again hosting their annual holiday open house. This year’s theme is Here Comes Santa. This free event features guided tours of the 1895 Hawkins House featuring the history of Santa and featuring the traditions of immigrants and the iconic image of Santa by Thomas Nast plus decorations of pine boughs and holly. There will be activities, crafts, tours, and refreshments. Santa will stop by from 2 to 4 p.m. The open house will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. December 7th at the Key Wing & Hawkins House.

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Flippin’ Awesome—Book the Ultimate Party Bash and Get 200 Extra Game Room Credits for the Birthday Honoree


Flippin’ Awesome—Book the Ultimate Party Bash and Get 200 Extra Game Room Credits for the Birthday Honoree
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Whether it’s your fifth or fiftieth, a birthday deserves a party that’s big on fun! Take this year’s celebration to brand new heights courtesy of our exclusive birthday special today.

Our Birthday Party Special:

Book an Ultimate Party Bash Package and Get an Extra 200 Game Credits On Us for the Birthday Honoree
Ultimate Party Bash!

Hinkle Family Fun Center
12931 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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A chance to win passes to our newest attraction … the XD Dark Ride!! 7D FUN!


A chance to win passes to our newest attraction … the XD Dark Ride!! 7D FUN!

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A chance to win passes to our newest attraction … the XD Dark Ride!! 7D FUN!

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Ready to experience the only XD Dark Ride in New Mexico and immerse yourself in a 7D interactive video ride experience? Check out our 25th Anniversary XD Dark Ride contest!! Click on the Claim Now button and we’ll enter you for a chance to win one of the ten prizes each with two XD Dark Ride passes for our 25th Anniversary Celebration XD Dark Ride Contest!!

The ten winners will receive two rides on our all new XD Dark Ride! #25YEARSOFFUN Ready? Set? ENTER!

Details: Contest runs 10/18/19 til noon on 10/22/19. The ten winners will be announced on 10/22/19 at 3pm.

Hinkle Family Fun Center



12931 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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