About Us


When I started the Family Travel Host USA a while back, it was to help families who love to travel find vacation destinations and family vacation spots they would actually enjoy visiting with their own families. It was, and still is, my intention to test the waters so to speak, and visit certain areas and post my findings about it. Because I wear many hats, have a family of my own and a business to run, it is not always easy doing what I love best.

The new year has not arrived yet and here I am resolving to make amends and bring to all of my readers vacation spots and destinations in the USA that they will enjoy.

Travelling is expensive – when I go on a journey, because of the expenses involved, I have to make every penny count. So do most of you. In the weeks to come I will do my best to bring to you vacation ideas that you can afford – that has been family tested and approved – to the best of my ability.

In the weeks to follow, I will be looking for unique and affordable vacation ideas for all of you who love to travel with your family.

I need your help – I can’t be everywhere at once but some of you are out there traveling the country and enjoying your family vacation. You can share your stories and photos here on the Family Traveler website. Send us stories and photos to marcies1960@gmail.com. Thank you for sharing, in advance…