Our First Day Out in Colorado and Then in New Mexico

Our First Day Out in Colorado and Then in New Mexico
By Tristin Sean Owens, 3rd Grader
Logansport Elementary School
 We were going to Colorado and it took two days but we got their and had to go to New Mexico but going to New Mexico we got in a blizzard and it got bad so we could not go back so we had to keep on going and when we got out of the blizzard we got to New Mexico and got in the hot tub their was some men that was drinking and was very crazy so we got out of the hot tub and got in the pool and then it got late so we went in the motel and went to sleep. 

Mamaw said we are going to Albuquerque today and we might go to Hinkle Family Fun Center. Ms. Betty, mamaw’s friend, will love playing at Hinkle’s with us! I hope she does! Then we are going to visit several old churches in Santa Fe tomorrow.  I’d rather stay here at the room and swim. It was snowing yesterday when we were at the pool but the pool was warm. It is not an inside pool.

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