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I love to travel with my family and this summer, my plans are to go to new and exciting destinations… no, not leaving the country any time soon Guys! But my concentration right now is on the West Coast – Washington, Oregon and California. I’m not excluding the Gulf Coastal states or the Eastern Coastal United States either. This year, I will be concentrating heavily on the West Coast for the summer months with the Eastern half for early Spring and the Fall months.


Having said that I do want to plug in a few websites that are new. I’d like for everyone to take a peak and let us know what you think. They are new and lacking in content right now but as the weeks pass, my plans are to change all that. I’ve started my contact database for the west coast area. Before long these sites will be saturated with delicious stories and pictures from all three states and beyond! Here are the blog sites: Oregon Family Travel Host (New),; West Coast Family Traveler (New), https://westcoastfamilytraveler.wordpress.comCalifornia Family Travel Host,; and Washington Family Travel Host (New),


Come on everybody – lets plan some road trips! We’d lobe to hear about yours. Email pictures and stories to The Family Traveler at



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