Where Kids Really Want To Go On Vacation

Where Kids Really Want To Go On Vacation

by Marcella Simmons


It is interesting to hear kids talk about vacation time and the places they want to go, and why. What is more fun is taking the information they give you and building a road trip around it, if you can. Open your ears and really listen while they are talking about destinations. They will sometimes reveal a certain place or thing they want to see or do.


This week, I interviewed my three young grandsons, Kendray, age six, Tristin, age ten and Nicolas age thirteen about where they really wanted to go on vacation this year. The three boys are frequent travelers and have traveled to several states, camped and hiked in the highest mountains of Colorado, rafted some of the roughest rapids for amateur rafters, and enjoyed being on long road trips with grandparents for not two, not three, but four weeks at a time!


The answers varied because of the age difference but if you’ll take two minutes to read on, I will reveal to you some of the places they want to go to this year, and why.


The youngest of the three, Kendray answered in a shy little voice, “I want to go to New York this year. They have the tallest buildings in the world and I want to go up an elevator to the tip top.”


Now you have it, Folks! New York; a six-year-old child’s dream vacation for it’s tall buildings. I would have expected something like Florida so he could go to Disney World, but instead he chose New York.


In a separate interview, Tristin said he wants to go on a cruise to Mexico. “I just want to play in the water park on a cruise,” Tristin commented. “That would be so cool!”


Nicolas, on the other hand, wants to fly to Beijing, China. “I read in a book about Beijing and how beautiful it is and just want to go there on vacation one year.”


Kids have different ideals and notions about why they want to vacation at certain places. I am not sure when we’ll get to New York or take the cruise to Mexico or fly to China but hopefully someday these boys will get the vacation of their dreams. But sometimes just knowing what kids wants and why is a good reason to plan a trip according to their wishes. They know what they want and where they want to go, and why!

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