Upcoming Trip Despite the Virus and the Riots

By Marcella S. Meeks

     We are ready to break down some walls. My grandsons and I are ready for a long vacation! This whole Covid-19 pandemic and now the rioting has been depressing. We have toughed it out long enough. So we’re not going to worry about either one and just try and have a good time.

     Next week, we’re heading out West. I have always been drawn to the West, to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.

     We’re going to stop off and stay at Simple Lodge & Hostel in Salida Colorado for a couple of nights. We’ve never stayed in a hostel before so we’re looking forward to sampling one for the first time.

     Once we get there, I’ll write about my experience and let you know how we liked it! And I’ll share some pictures with you guys!

      We’re going to go over to the Royal Gorge Bridge and spend the day. We’ll also be going over to Leadville and ride the Leadville train.

     If all goes well, we’ll drive over to Colorado Springs before leaving Salida and go through the Manitou Cliff Dwellings – we have reservations but they may be closed due to Covid-19. We’ll call ahead to be sure.

     After we leave Salida, we’re heading over to Mosca to the Great Sand Dunes Lodge! The grandkids enjoyed the sand dunes last year so we’ll do that again this year. It’s pretty hot out there but an adventure they apparently enjoy.

     After several days there, we’ll head off to Albuquerque for several days before heading off to the Hoover dam in Nevada and then to Laughlin, Arizona. This is going to be an adventure because we have never been to Nevada or Arizona.

     When we start home, we’ll stop by Carlsbad Caverns if they’re open and possibly run over to Roswell.

      I will post stories about each adventure as it unfolds as well as photos.

Can’t wait till we leave for our trip!

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    Upcoming Trip Despite the Virus and the Riots


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