In Spite of the Hysteria Going On, I Am Ready To Travel!

I found this on Facebook and wanted to share it…


This is so true – I mean get real – this is crazy. They couldn’t impeach him so now this… talk about major manipulation… America, why are we letting this happen? We are smart, inteliigent people? I’m sorry but I’m not falling for it either – not one bit. I may have to go stock up groceries to feed my family because of the way our country is reacting and that the stores are emptying their shelves but I dont buy this crap. I’m not worried about the virus – I’m worried about what our country is doing and how they are reacting, and mostly what our government and all those officials from the presidential status on down the line are trying to pull on us. It’s time to stop the media crap – everybody needs to let this mess die down and go away – it will – causing dooms day mass hysteria in this country is crazy and that’s all we’re doing by publishing and sharing propaganda like this on Social Media. Social Media has it’s place in this country but it can create havoc in our country is misused and the way I see it, it is being misused to stir up hysteria. Where is our faith and our trust in the Lord? Everybody’s running around like it’s the end of the world. I get more scared when a hurricane hits the coast like Katrina than I do over something this idiotic. Stop scaring yourself. If you’re afraid of catching the virus stay home. Just dont turn it into a dooms day tatic.


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2 Responses to In Spite of the Hysteria Going On, I Am Ready To Travel!

  1. The mass hysteria courtesy of the screaming headlines s appalling. I read an article about an hour ago, saying that if he introduces a state of emergency to your country he can do what he damn well likes. The thing is over here in Scotland I have not spoken to one person who is getting their knickers in a tangle but they feel they can’t say or they are the bad, unconcerned ones. On here there’s bloggers giving 30 minute updates, there’s generally normal twitter peeps screeching how those who are not joining the panic fest are off their heads, if we say mainly it is affecting those over a certain age with an underlying condition, or those with an underlying condition…and I am saying this with an underlying condition,.. we are uncaring and think it is fine to write people off. So glad to rad this.

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