Rafting in 2017

Rafting in 2017

Last year, we went to Colorado but I got sick and we had to cut our trip short – it was downhill all the way for me, needless to say. But after beating Stage 4 mouth cancer and finally starting to get on my feet a little more everyday, I felt it necessary to do a write up for several people including our rafting expedition and others that I promised to do a write up for but never did due to illness.

I did go rafting though I was sick – never dreamed I had cancer – thought I had an abscess tooth causing my dilemma. Not so. It was oral mouth cancer.

Back to the rafting… Our first rafting trip started out with Acquired Tastes Rafting located in Buenna Vista, Colorado. When we arrived, we were greeted by several very friendly people including our guide who gave us instructions before we went out on the river. I felt confident that we were in good hands.

The trip down Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas River was exciting, especially after the guide pointed out Justin Beaver’s summer home. My granddaughter wanted to pull in for a tour, in hopes of meeting the famous movie star. The rapids were pretty swift as the river was up a bit that week. Almost at the end of the trip, wet and shivering from the cold water, we were taken on a quick adventure like never before – when we went down that 6 foot water fall (at least it felt like it to me), it was all we could do to stay on the raft, even with our feet secured to the foot holders in the bottom of the raft. My six year old grandson flew off his seat and I managed to hold him on along with my paddle! One of the kids at the back of the raft lost their paddle so we were short one for the rest of the journey.

I don’t think I ever rafted with an experience such as this. That little waterfall/rapid was clearly unexpected but worth the wait as we floated along. If you have never been rafting before and you are planning a vacation to Colorado, you simply have to look for Acquired Tastes Rafting in Buenna Vista. Tell them, you want to go down Brown’s Canyon half day trip …  you get 2 extra miles and 2 extra rapids.

And be sure to let them know we sent you…

We’re headed back to Colorado in July so we’ll see you there.

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Acquired Tastes Rafting

Buena Vista Rafting Office

12918 Highway 24/285
Buena Vista, CO 81211


Email: atraft@gmail.com


We went rafting a second time last year before heading home because of my tooth ache issues that turned out to be cancer – this time with Noah’s Ark… ‘enjoy’ is not quite the word I want to use when it comes to rafting but an ‘experience of a lifetime’ is more like it.

When it comes to the different rafting companies there only a few slight differences in how it’s done or where you’re rafting at. But there is a difference in the quality of each expedition but we’d like you to be the judge of that. Both expeditions we went on were great and everything we expected and more.

In Buena Vista, we rafted the Arkansas River both times at Brown’s Canyon.

So there are two that we highly recommend if you’re in the Buena Vista area – Acquired Taste Rafting and Noah’s Ark.

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