Upcoming Trip To Santa Fe New Mexico in April

Upcoming Trip To Santa Fe New Mexico in April

By Marcella Simmons


In April, we are heading to Santa Fe, me, hubby-dearest and the three grandsons. This will be our second year doing the Santa Fe week getaway in the Spring in the spring and kind of know what to expect. But this year it will be a little different. Maybe.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 mouth cancer back in August 2017 and had surgery in October. The doctors removed the tumor and 98 lymph nodes which all came back negative at that time and said I was cancer free. I started taking radiation treatments on January 3rd 2018, and am finishing up next Tuesday. Our trip is just a month and a few days away.

My worries at this point is if I am going to be able to make such a long trip this soon. We’ll soon see. I just hope that I don’t get so tired or sick and ruin it all for everybody that’s going especially the grand kids. They have waited such a long time for a road trip.

We have a really nice motel already booked that is clean and comfortable and the beds are really good. To top that they have a deluxe breakfast (waffles!) We enjoy the breakfast bar a lot and that helps when you’re on a tight budget anyway.

We’ll be at the inn at Santa Fe… I’d like to say, The Inn at Santa Fe is our favorite place in all the world. The staff is friendly and supportive and go out of their way to make our stay one to remember.

The first day we arrive, you can bet I am going to rest. Hubby-dearest can take the grandsons down to the heated pool and let them splish and splash for the afternoon. Then we can go out to eat somewhere inexpensive and call it a day.

Day two, we can head over to Albuquerque and the kids can play at Hinkle Family Fun Center for the entire afternoon. Hubby and I enjoy being here as well and play as much as the kids do. At the end of the day, we share our tickets with the kids and they carry home several bags of loot!

Day three, we’re heading back to Albuquerque and we’re going go to the zoo and aquarium and spend the day. We’ll picnic somewhere in the zoo. At 3 o’clock we’ll take the little train back fro the aquarium to the zoo and head back to Santa Fe. We’ll probably eat pizza for supper!

Day four, we’re going to stick around Santa Fe and visit the old churches downtown as well as some of the other museums and shops in town. We’ll find a nice little Mexican restaurant and have a family dinner.

Day five, we’ll head over to Albuquerque, visit several second hand shops, and several free museums and later that afternoon go over to the dinosaur museum and watch a   movie at the dino-theatre and another one at the planetarium.

Day six, we’ll head back to Texas and stop for the night in Amarillo before starting home.
That’s our plans in a nutshell. I can’t hardly wait till time to go! Santa Fe, here we come!

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