I Am Starting A New Tradition for 2018

I Am Starting A New Tradition for 2018

By Marcella Simmons


Everywhere I look someone is starting a new tradition or making new year’s resolutions… Well, as a writer who just happens to love to love to travel, I want to start a new tradition myself. This year, my new tradition will be to travel to places where I have never been and enjoy life to the fullest a little more than in years past.

Life is too short – I had a near enough death experience in 2017 when I found out I had stage four mouth cancer. The surgeons are confident they got it all and with 6 weeks of radiation coming up, starting tomorrow, five days a week, we hope to have it sealed and gone for good. Having said that, when I got sick it dawned on me that life is shorter than we think, and if we don’t do things while we have the chance that we might not get that chance later on.

So, I am starting a new tradition for myself which includes traveling to a new destination at least once or twice a year, and I am resolving to post (or write) on one or several of my blogs at least once or twice a week.

There’s no time like the present to do what you wish to do with the rest of your life. When I ended up flat of my back after a fourteen hour surgery that left me slightly handicapped for several months and not fully able to speak clearly, scared and bewildered and at the point of sheer despair, and on the point of giving up, I pulled some of my inner strength to the surface and fought with all my might to get well. There is still work to be done, places to be traveled and explored and many travel tales to be written by me.

So here I am, the day after the first day of the new year, vowing to the world that I am starting a new tradition for myself, and bringing my new year’s resolution (to write and blog more) nearer to fruition starting on this day. I have got several trips planned for the upcoming months so you will definitely be reading about some new places that will be unfolding right here before your very eyes!

Whatever your goals, traditions or ideals for the new year are, get started and bring them to fruition with the time you have left! Life is too short to wait because no one is promised a tomorrow or ever after. I was given a new chance and I vow to make every second count for the rest of my life…

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