The purpose of The Family Traveler blog

One of the things I love is traveling and taking vacations with my family as many times a year as I can. We do most of our traveling during the summer months because the grandchildren are all school-aged kids, ranging from first grade to 7th grade…


I never get tired of going to Arkansas, Florida, Utah, New Mexico or Colorado. Because of my love for these states, we try to go there every year and I am always on the lookout for new adventures for the kids and for myself. Having been going to the same places almost every year, we’re always on the lookout for new things the kids would be interested in. They are all different ages, and like different things. But I am not biased to these few states! We want to travel all across the country and that’s in the works!


I know there are other places to go and eventually we will get there. Each year at some time or another we try to get to a new place just to keep the travel interest alive and to be able to show off our findings on my blogsite here.


Sometimes between journeys I rely on posts from other travel writers who don’t mind sharing with our readers and that’s a big help and keeps our readers up-to-date on things going on.


The purpose of The Family Traveler blog works for both our readers and the customers we serve: our advertisers. We want to allow our readers to visit the cabins, the motels and restaurants that we stay at and enjoy every minute of it as we have. We want them to raft with us or visit the museums or take a train ride with us up and down the mountains of Colorado. We try to include as much as we can, as long as we have advertisers who are willing to work with us.


We are not in this for the short run. The Family Traveler has been around a long time and will stay around as long as I have breath.


I’ve got plans for some great adventures coming up in November and December. We hope you’ll join in and let’s go traveling together. But in the meantime let’s get ready for a little road trip!



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