“Are you ready yet? Let’s go!”

By Marcella Simmons

“Are you ready yet?”

“Not Colorado again,” whined my twelve year old grandson Nicolas. “Let’s go to Florida this year.”

“But I thought you guys loved Colorado.”

“We do but we go to the same place every year,” he said.


So after that I realized it was time to do something different – and we are. I managed to get a really good deal on a couple of rooms at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida this year for 5 nights so in addition to our 4 week vacation in Colorado we are going to Florida! It’s over a thousand miles east from home, and when we get back from there, we rest for a few days before heading toward Carlsbad, NM on our way to Arizona, then from there to Utah and then back to Colorado before returning home..

We’ve never been to Arizona (El Rancho Robles) before and the kids have never been to Carlsbad nor have any of been to Monument Valley, Utah (Gouldings Lodge). Here are several places on our 4 week trek out west that we haven’t been and I am excited, my bags are packed and this mamaw is ready to go. We are going rafting this year, not once but three times (Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting, Acquired Tastes Rafting, Arkansas River Tours) throughout our 4 week trip so I know the kids will have a blast!

Since there will be more people traveling with us this year, I will definitely have to downsize and not take quite as many clothes (some of which I never wear anyway) to make rooms for other people’s clothes and stuff.

In the next few weeks I will be updating our blogs on our day to day adventures as well as posting numerous pictures daily. Stay tuned and come travel with us!

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