Spring Break Road Trip to Gamaliel, Arkansas

Spring Break Road Trip to Gamaliel, Arkansas

By familytravelcritic

On Monday March 28th, we are taking a spring break trip to Gamaliel, Arkansas. We’re staying until Saturday. Of course, you know me, I am not journeying alone – three grandsons will be on board for the trip. The boys are excited – as they always are! Ma-maw can’t leave town without them.

We have a three bedroom/two bath cottage lined up at Take It Easy Resort for the week so we should be pretty comfortable. There is free Wifi and satellite TV so I’ll keep you guys posted while we’re enjoying our week away. The cottage has a screened in front porch so I can sit out in my pajamas all day and enjoy my little mini trip. The resort is on Lake Norfork in the heart of the Ozarks. We are taking our fishing gear among other things so the boys should be pretty busy this week! I’m taking essentials for a fish fry just in case!

I have never been to Gamaliel but from what I can figure out, it’s a good twelve hour drive from home. We just need to get away for a week and there isn’t a nicer place we’d rather be. You can bet this ma-maw will be taking it easy all week!

If you’re interested in visiting Taking it Easy Resort, call Kathleen and Jeff at 808-344-5707/ 870-467-5284. They will assist you and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to tell them Marcy, the travel critic recommended the Resort to you!



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