Mt. Ida





Our Arkansas Vacation at Mountain Harbor Resort in Mt. Ida, Arkansas

By Marcella Simmons


When we arrived at the Mountain Harbor Resort in Mt. Ida, we were greeted with the best service imaginable. I knew we’d be in for a wonderful mini vacation with the grand kids at the resort but a part of me dreaded the prospect of spending the next five days looking for something to do with the kids that was not only close but affordable.

When we arrived at our cabin, I knew my worries were short lived. Our cabin had three bedrooms with double full-size beds in two of the bedrooms and a king-size bed in the master bedroom. We were afforded the luxury of having three full size bathrooms, a dishwasher and washer and dryer. The roominess and space made our vacation easier and it was smooth sailing four all of us. What more could a person as for?

Upon arrival we unpacked the car, had a picnic lunch and then we drove to the pool area where the kids spent the next several hours swimming and playing. Their energy was finally depleted by evening and we settled down for the night.

The next day we swam, we road around and toured the area; the kids went hiking with their uncle Marvin. Kendray, the youngest, brought back a tortoise. He threw a fit when the older kids released it back where they found it. Where we were, there was a lot of deer that just wander around in the daylight – some of them are really big! Nicolas caught a desert iguana, but later let it go.

Before the week was out, Marvin had rigged up fishing poles for all the kids and they all ventured off and found the perfect fishing spot next to a bridge. The kids were bringing in tiny perch quickly, in hopes of having enough for supper. After a few hours, Uncle Marvin brought the kids back – everyone was wore out from the day fishing. The boys found a new hobby and learned that you don’t always have to have a rod and reel to have fun fishing.

Mid week, we went into Hot Springs (about thirty miles from our location) to do a few things. The kids enjoyed going up the Mountain Tower and going to the Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo before coming back here.

One evening I ventured into town to get a few supplies and brought back a watermelon for the next day (a little surprise for our upcoming back porch picnic!). I left it in the car. There were several small bags of paper and trash left on the floor– no harm done – my plans were to clean the car out the next day. On our way here, my electric window on the driver side quit working and it stuck about two inches from the top. Since it wasn’t going to rain all week, I knew everything would be okay. That night, while we slept, a coon(s) ventured in the window and scattered the trash everywhere – such an ugly mess! One of the younger kids spotted the watermelon in the back and Marvin told them the coons left it for them the night before. We let the joke ride and they were all thanking the coons for their gift when we cut the melon! We made a special memory that night and the little ones will tell their tale of the coons and the watermelon for a long time to come!

My choice to come to Mountain Harbor Resort was the right choice – our stay was pleasurable and worth every cent spent. The downfall is getting ready to leave today. That is the last thing we want to do. We may leave and go home and return to our normal lives but being here the last five days will be in the hearts and mind of these children and me for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Mountain Harbor Resort for taking the stress out of vacationing!