Logansport (DeSoto Parish)

The Food is Better Than Good

By Marcella Simmons


When it comes to eating out, I’m always ready. But living in a small town like Logansport, Louisiana doesn’t always give you the liberty of having several restaurants to choose from.


Several years ago, a new restaurant opened up in town and because this is a small town, and the fact that restaurant survival is really bad for our area, we (me and a few other local restaurant critics) gave this particular restaurant six months to stay afloat, if that long. Big Zach’s Restaurant started out in a smaller building just outside of town and did really well at that location but later on, they moved into a corner building in downtown Logansport.


Big mistake, we all said. The town has all but closed except for the bank, a flower shop and the drug store. At five o’clock, the town rolls up their sidewalks and the town is all but dead. And the road construction has really messed things up a bit with the streets being closed off and all.


But, guess what! Big Zack’s Restaurant, owned by Zach Bossier is still in business today. They serve lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks and their specialties are steak and seafood. But don’t stop there – their loaded baked potatoes are the best in the area and their burgers are the best I’ve had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into in a long time. I haven’t tried everything on the menu yet but before the month is up, I should have tried the biggest part of it.


My first impression of Big Zach’s Restaurant wasn’t the best when I walked in, but the place was clean and the service was good. When the waitress arrived with our burgers and fries, I knew without a doubt that the food was delicious.


The next week it was the loaded baked potatoes and next week, I will definitely try the chicken fried steak or some seafood. I believe they even serve gator meat!


Food enthusiasts – come in and give Big Zach’s Restaurant a try. I know that they can’t or won’t please everyone but they certainly pleased my appetite. Just because they’re in a small community such as ours don’t mean the food isn’t good. And if your first time wasn’t the best, try again. Find something you do like and eat! Sometimes you’ve got to try different things cooked by different people to find what really satisfies your hunger.