New Mexico and Colorado – Here We Come July 2023

We went to Hot Springs, Arkansas this year for a mini vacation. Two of my grandsons came along and each brought a friend. They went to Magic Springs two or three times while we were there and they enjoyed it so much in spite of the heat. I drove around town and found several thrift stores and spent my little bit of spending money on stuff I wanted and at the end of the day, we wee all tired and happy. The mountain tower was also their favorite pass time and they walked to it from downtown. A little free fun!

I was a little disappointed to find that The Hot Springs Aquarium is now gone. All of my children grew up going there every year and then all the grandkids. The kids coming now never got to go through except when they too young to enjoy and remember. The Aquarium will always be an important memory icon for me and the memories will be cherished forevermore.

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t go back to Colorado this year and enjoy the cool mountain weather. I know I’ve complained about the high gas prices but it has dropped down some since our drive to Arkansas. All I can say is Colorado and New Mexico missed our travel dollars this year because of the gas hike. I’m not really complaining but I am very disappointed. If I had plenty of money I wouldn’t have minded but that’s not the case.

Arkansas got some of it and yes, we were happy to be somewhere other than home.

Colorado is like my home and my family and I have made a lot of fine memories there throughout the years since 1991.

So I am starting early this year and paying it forward and making sure we get to Colorado next year – even if it means cutting back on ice cream and coke! I am working on my itinerary as we speak and should have everything squared away by the end of the year. That’s my plans anyway. So New Mexico and Colorado – here we come… 2023!

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