Looking for a Travel Oasis? You’ll find it at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge


When we arrived at the lodge several days ago, what a joyful surprise it was when we came into our room. The first thing I saw was patio doors looking out over the flatlands just below the sand dunes. It was like eye candy as I stood there looking out after a long days drive. The grandkids were in awe as well and couldn’t wait to get outside and explore. I knew without a doubt the patio would become our favorite space.

     The Great Sand Dunes Lodge has 19 rooms and a camper trailer they rent out nightly. They open for business early March and close about the middle of November. The rooms are clean and comfortable, each one with a patio for your enjoyment. And the Lodge is pet-friendly, which made it easier for us because we carry our little dog Phoenix every where we go.

     This would be the perfect oasis or vacation spot for families or anyone who loves nature’s beauty.

There are camp sites available nearby, and an RV park, just walking distance from the Lodge.

     When we first arrived, the manager and staff made sure our stay was a good one.

     They serve breakfast but because of the corona virus restrictions, we had to go to the office, put our order in and they cooked breakfast for us and we came back to our room and eat out on the deck. It was pretty cool out there though. Mornings are colder in the mountains.

     The kids enjoys the indoor pool.

     Being at the Lodge this week has truly been relaxing after a 1500 mile drive to get here. I have been so relaxed and have honestly enjoyed it here. Our room was a little smaller than I wanted but it was not bad at all. I never want to leave. But our stay is over in the morning and we’ll be on our way someplace else. Instead of asking “Are we there yet?” my nine year old grandson asked me this morning, “Do we have to leave?” I’ve asked myself the same question! The good thing is, we will be back. This entire week has been gratifying in ways that’s hard to explain but just watching the sun set every evening from our patio soothed my anxious, frayed nerves… Little things like this matter.

     The Great Sand Dunes Lodge is located about twenty-five miles from the nearest town of Alamosa, and only a few short miles to the Great American Sand Dunes. The boys enjoyed this more than anything. We rented sleds and they spent an entire day at the dunes. If you happen to go up, be sure to take plenty of water with you… Staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy, especially in the mountains.

     Don’t forget about the Colorado Gators over in Hooper about nineteen miles from the Lodge. This is a live, operational farm, with real alligators – a place the kids want forget for a long time.

     I can’t express it enough how much we enjoyed being at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge this week, If we didn’t already have reservations elsewhere, I’d stay a few more days. But with the Covid-19 restrictions right now, we need to get on with our vacation and get back home.

     One last thought, when you do call for information about the Lodge, be sure to tell them you read about it here on our site. I highly recommend the Great Sand Dunes Lodge to all my family and friends and readers. But don’t take my word for it. Come out and stay a night or two. You’ll see why we love it so much…

Friday, July 10, 2020

Returning Home

We made it home last night about midnight. We were going to go over into New Mexico but found out that the Covid 19 retrictions of self quarntining in our room for 14 days was too much since we had three grandsons and our dog Phoenix with us. I cried yesterday when we left the Lodge and as I look at each of the photos above, it breaks my heart. I wish we never had to leave.

The Great Sand Dunes Lodge was such a comfortable place to stay and I’d go back and stay for the rest of the season if I could. The driving was a little hard getting there and coming home but it was worth the time and effort we put into it.

We’ll see you guys again soon! Thank you for the relaxing time. It was just what I needed.


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