Simple Lodge & Hostel – Salida, Colorado

Simple Lodge & Hostel – Salida, Colorado
By Marcella S. Meeks

 I want to tell you about our adventure at the hostel in Salida. I have never stayed at one before and was a little skeptical at first, especially with all the Covid-19 propaganda going around (another story for another time!). When we arrived at the Simple Lodge & Hostel, my first impression was, ‘okay, can we do this?’ My three grandsons were okay with it and their response was, “Wow! Ma-maw, this is like summer camp with Wi-Fi!”

     I wasn’t really sure what the word hostel meant. According to Google dictionary, a hostel is a an establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers. It was very inexpensive, simple and a friendly place to stay. There was food available but we brought our own.

      We were greeted by a young man who welcomed us and showed us around the living area and the kitchen and finally to our room. It was a little small but we booked at the least minute and it was fourth of July weekend so we were lucky to be able to find a room at all.

     My youngest grandson Kendray remarked, “This place is so homey!”

     It was a little different than the places we were accustomed to but we were fine with it. My first impression was to run away to one of the modest motels I saw coming in but too late – the kids wanted to stay. I thought they’d be upset not having a pool but they had their I-pads and phones and Wi-Fi so all was well in our world.
     I went down later and made chili dogs for the family and they were satisfied.

     The Simple Lodge & Hostel is located in the downtown section of Salida – there isn’t a lot of parking space but the lodge itself is okay.

      There were mostly young people staying there and they all got along really good. It was quiet and peaceful. The beds were okay, as good as any we slept in. The room were clean. But there was no air conditioning. But in Colorado that is the norm for some of these places. It was a little hot when we went to bed that first night but by morning we had to turn the fans off and cover up.

      The upstairs bathroom were multi-use and shared by other guests but they were private and clean.

     After summing it all up, my grandson was right. It was like summer camp in a lot of ways!

     It was an adventure for me because I am much older now but it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it and made some fine memories that will last a lifetime!

     If you are adventurous or just looking for a good night rest while traveling, stop in at the Simple Lodge & Hostel. Tell them Marcella with the Family Traveler sent you…

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