Celebrate National Miniature Golf Day With Us

Hinkle Family Fun Center

national min golf day
Celebrate National Miniature Golf Day With Us—Get a FREE $5 Game Card with a Round of Miniature Golf

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What We’re Offering
From the first swing to your last hole-in-one, miniature golf is the one game that’s always a hit every time out! Join us as we pay tribute to teeing off by grabbing a FREE $5 game card with the purchase of a round of Miniature Golf. Limited time offer available to purchase only with this offer September 21st -28th, 2018!

Our National Miniature Golf Day Special:

Purchase a Round of Miniature Golf for $8.49 per person, Get a $5 Game Card for Free ($13.49 Value)
Miniature Golf: Two 18-hole miniature golf courses featuring tree houses, waterfalls, bridges, streams, fountains, trees and gazebos. Play leisurely amid beautiful flowers while weaving around the water on our Stream Course or by the waterfalls and ponds on our Lake Course. Play by sunlight or starlight under beautiful fiber optic lights on our scenic golf courses.

Hinkle Family Fun Center’s Game Rooms: Featuring over 135 redemption, merchandise, video and quick coin games that bring power to the players!

Hinkle Family Fun Center’s redemption games dispense tickets that can be redeemed for prizes at our Prize Centers! Our Prize Centers feature many exciting prizes such as candy, bouncy balls, collectible memorabilia, stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes, watches, sports memorabilia, the latest trends in electronics—something for every age


This National Miniature Golf Day promotional special available for purchase only with this offer September 21st through 28th.

Hinkle Family Fun Center

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