Sorghum making in Mount Ida

Sorghum making in Mount Ida

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Sorghum making in Mount Ida
Zoie Clift

A chance to see how sorghum was traditionally made takes place October 28 at the Sorghum Festival in Mount Ida. The festival is being held at the Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County. “Sorghum is a fairly sweet syrup that some consider mild,” said Emilie Kinney, Executive Director of the Heritage House Museum.

A harnessed mule will be on the museum grounds and will be used to operate a small sorghum mill. There will also be local vendors on site, samples of sorghum for visitors to taste, and demonstrations of various vintage equipment. The free festival is from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. and while at the festival, you can also check out the museum, which has an exhibit barn, an 1890s log house and more.

There is a historic connection between Mount Ida and sorghum making. “There was a time when most farms…

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