Riding at Hot Springs ORV Park!

Zoie Clift

jeepjeepHot Springs ORV Park is known as one of the top off-roading parks in the region.The park is a 1,254-acre maze of trails for 4x4s, UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes and mountain bikes. The park is privately owned and there are miles of marked and maintained trails for the novice and hardcore alike. Trails are marked in the same style as those found on ski slopes, with the difficulty rating of a route marked on a trail head sign. Level 1 trails are considered to be the easiest and level 5 trails the most difficult.

Recently, my co-worker Jill Rohrbach and I took her new jeep out to test the trails there. It was an adventure that included an unexpected experience with a level 5 route. And lots of playing in the water. Below is a quick video from the venture. If you are on the lookout for a riding adventure, the park is located at 2100 Mill Creek Road and Knox Kendrick manages the park. Enjoy the ride!


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