Seeking Travel Stories and Photo Submissions

We have several travel websites that cater to families who love to travel and we advertise for motels, hotels, restaurants, fun centers and museums, etc. The reason for this is simple: family travelers are always looking for family tested and approved destinations and we provide an outlet for them. Our advertisers who cater to these families need us to provide a foundation (website advertising) so these families have easy access to their information.


Specializing in family travel – destinations growing – come travel with us!


Our goal is to provide service to both entities and be the medium between the two – if you have questions about any of the advertisers on any of our sites, we are here to help.


We are familiar with the advertisers on each site and can provide information and assistance if you email us at


We want families to be satisfied when they arrive at a destination especially when we recommend it. Vice versa. We don’t book trips but we do assist in finding family-tested destinations that is affordable, kid-friendly and mother approved.


In an effort to provide more service to both entities, we are sending out an urgent call for travel stories in the United States – destination: anywhere. Send up to 10 travel photos with your stories and provide addresses, phone numbers, email address and websites when you’re writing about a certain motel, restaurant or museum, etc. Our readers enjoy reading but hey want easy access to information. Submissions must be between 1500-3500 words.


We do not pay for travel stories or photos and we do not assign anyone to write for us. We leave that up to you – we do offer a credible byline and links for your website. Email me with your story ideas or query:


Happy Trails…



About Meeks Publishing

Meeks Publishing is an independently owned, family publishing company. Marcella S. Meeks, Owner/Operator
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  1. What you said about family travel is so true. I often look for places that will appeal to the diverse ages and interests in my family. Just did an escape room. That was enlightening.


  2. Reblogged this on Family Travel Host USA and commented:

    Specializing in family travel – destinations growing – come travel with us!


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